As part of our continuous efforts to offer you specific and up-to-date psychometric test preparation, we are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved preparation pack for CEB’s SHL* Numerical Reasoning tests for graduate/management level.

Our new and improved preparation pack is specifically designed to provide you with study aids and practice materials that follow the trends recently seen on CEB’s SHL assessments.

One of the main improvements introduced in the new pack is the development of practice tests that include a wide spectrum of questions, thus allowing you to prepare for the different types of CEB’s SHL tests available on the market. Our varied pool of questions reflects the different CEB’s SHL tests, from concepts and visual appearance of the data to required mathematical and analytical skills and levels of difficulty.

Another important addition to the new pack is the inclusion of exclusive practice tests that reflect the popular Verification method used by CEB’s SHL. According to this method, all candidates are required to sit an unsupervised online test, consisting of 18 questions. Those who pass the test are often requested to take a supervised shorter version of the test, used to vouch for the reliability of their results. In order to help you prepare for both tests, we offer 10 practice tests that follow the length and time frames of the longer version, as well as 5 tests that follow those of the short version.

The new pack includes*:

  • 15 graph/table tests that follow the features of CEB’s SHL Verify test.
  • 7 additional graph/table practice tests.
  • 5 Word problem tests – for those expected to sit SHL’s Global Cognitive (GCI) Index test.
  • Practice drills that lay the foundations to the questions seen on CEB’s SHL tests.
  • Video tutorials and study guides which elaborate on numerical concepts and solving strategies that can reduce response times and increase overall performance.

*You will find all these new additions in all of our CEB SHL-style preparation packs, which include numerical practice.

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