You’ve signed up for the UKCAT exam, and now you are starting to look at what exactly that means. What are the subtests, how many are there and how long do I have for the test? This blog will go through two main format features of the test.

The UKCAT contains several design features that you may want to be aware of before you start your preparation efforts.

  • The UKCAT contains five subtests, each of which are distinct from the test before and assess you on different skills to each other.
  • The time allocated to each question is different for each subtest.

The five subtests

The UKCAT is made up of five very different subtests. The test is 2 hours long, with no breaks allocated. If you take a break your time will continue to run whilst you are not there.

SubtestTime per section (+ 1 min instructions)No. questionsTime per questionSkills tested
Verbal reasoning22 minutes44 questions based on 11 passages29 secondsEnglish; drawing inferences and critical thinking
Quantitative reasoning25 minutes36 questions based on 9 sets of information40 secondsMaths; workout correct answers
Abstract reasoning14 minutes55 questions15 secondsIdentifying patterns; determining relationships
Decision analysis32 minutes28 questionsJust over 1 minuteDecision making; using judgement
Situational judgement27 minutes67 questions based on 20 scenarios20 secondsResponse to tricky situations at work/Uni.

Once you have understood the format of the test, you can move on to the individual subtests, always working within the time constraints and requirements of each section.