Welcome to JobTestPrep’s guide to law firm application forms. Over the course of 10 blog entries (including this one), we will go through the different elements of an application form.

We have compiled this guide by gathering together all the advice and guidance we have found from some of the top law firms. We have then organised this information in a way that helps you tackle the questions you will come across not just in application forms but throughout the entire law firm recruitment.

The application form is one of the most important parts of law firm recruitment as it is the first time most firms will have heard from you, and it is the point at which the greatest number of applications is weeded out.

Most law firm application forms ask you to input your information according to the format they have set rather than allowing you to attach your CV. With an application form, the firm is able to ensure they get the information that they want from you. Each form asks for a lot of information and can be overwhelming. Some questions are confusing, and ask you to provide a lot of detail, or research in order to write your answer.

All application forms contain the usual education and work experience questions, but many of them also ask open ended questions or contain space for a covering letter. Your task is to ensure that the application form you submit tells them enough to want to take your application to the next stage. The questions on an application form are an opportunity for you, the candidate to put your case to the firm to hire you.

Law firms are pretty good at giving information about what it is they are looking for. Using this information, we have built this article and arranged it under headings for the different types of question you will come across on application forms.

Table of Contents

  1. Training Contract and Vacation Scheme Application Tips
  2. Before You Start Your Law Firm Vacation Scheme or Training Contract Application Form
  3. Common Law Questions on Your Law Firm Application Form
  4. How to Answer Questions About Yourself
  5. Answering Competency Questions
  6. Commercial Law Questions and Answers
  7. Filling in Your Work Experience
  8. Word Count Limits
  9. How to Write a Law Cover Letter
  10. At the End of Your Law Firm Application Form
  11. Download the Complete Guide to Vacation Schemes & Training Contracts Applications