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A short explanation of myths and detrimental beliefs about the TSA for Cambridge, Oxford and UCL.

Applying false logic

When you look online for the TSA, you’re immediately bombarded with questions from nervous students worried about getting into their highly sought after university. But does anyone help? No.
I’ve come across about ninety Yahoo! question with answers like “You can’t practise it”, “It’s something you’re born with” and other pointless musings of people who are just docile and willing to not put any effort in.

Ok, so perhaps you’ve just finished a weekend of cutting shapes to an eclectic blend of cher and daft punk, but don’t let your hungover, feeble state get the better of you. Don’t believe the hype, just think for a moment… If we apply the theory that practise doesn’t make perfect to education and life as a whole, then absolutely nothing in the world would be the way it is. Disease would be rife, no technology would have been created, in fact, we would still be cavemen. We are surrounded by constant proof that trial and error and revising old habits WORKS!

So why?

Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? The original university to start it (Cambridge) has been a longtime rival of Oxford, as such the implementation of a more stringent recruitment process is beneficial not only for the students it will filter through but also for the perception of appearing to be the more prestigious of the two universities. A very smart marketing technique. Of course, Oxford would take this to keep up and add another section just to spit a little in the face of Cambridgians.

So let’s say the universities now have this lovely test, they don’t want people to perceive this as something you can practise for and succeed, and they make sure to let people know. Since they want to prove themselves as the elite of the elite, the genetically more superior brains of our world and considering the teaching and astounding level of education offered, they’ve become a stamp of authority when added to your CV. But that isn’t genetic, that’s because they teach so well. If it was genetic the very basic ideas of education would be obsolete (practising theories, revising, learning ways to solve problems or prove ideas).

How do I get in then?

Well, how else? Learn. Dissect the TSA like it’s a frog and practise each section. All of these above skills can be honed and accessed faster and more efficiently when the time comes. You will not understand everything thrown against you, so why not throw it against you sooner? We are the only place that offers in-house developed, online mock tests for TSA. We have explanations and solving tips and offer REAL time limits on the practice tests followed by scores. Find more tips and view our practice packs HERE and step foot into a university of your choosing.