Job interview tips - JobtestPrep's BlogThese ten job interview tips on how to successfully pass an interview are from the Executive Recruiter’s point of view.

From how to dress, to how to follow-up on an interview, these tips cover the major bases:

  1. Dress up for the event – show you know the form, honour your interviewers by looking smart.
  2. Dress right down to your shoes. Accessories matter – clean shoes, no tattoos, less jewellery.
  3. Know where you are going (literally) and get there on time – nothing winds a busy person up more than someone who wastes their time.
  4. Know who you are going to see and find out as much about the organisation and their challenges as you can.
  5. Know the answers. OK you can’t know all the questions but you can anticipate some of them. Have really good answers ready for those predictable ones.
  6. Be likeable – shake hands, smile, look them in the eye, be pleased to be in their company. Not gushing, but you need to come over as someone they would want to have around.
  7. Be clear – to sound confident you have to speak clearly, open your mouth, open your lungs, breathe deeply and annunciate. Pause before you answer and structure what you want to say.
  8. Be slow – nervous people will talk really quickly, you need to speak slowly and clearly.
  9. Be still, be really careful to sit up and keep your chin up, it affects your ability to speak up and makes you appear more confident but don’t fidget. Video yourself on your phone in a practice session; eliminate any silly mannerisms. And no flirty gestures.
  10. Say thank you and do the hand shake, smile, eye contact at the end. If you can, do the follow up email saying how much you enjoyed meeting them, want to work with them, etc.

These ten job interview tips form the introduction to Mary Hope’s CD “Turbo Charge Interview Confidence Booster” available in the UK at Mary Hope Career Success.

About the author: Mary Hope is a careers coach with experience as a psychometric tester and executive headhunter. Her website Mary Hope Career Success can help you achieve what you want in your career whether it is immediate success in a recruitment process, or a more strategic approach to career management.