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‘How Do You Handle Pressure?’ – The Dreaded Interview Question

Pressure happens. It happens once, twice … who are we kidding? It happens all the time! Yet, during that important moment when you sit across from the slick interviewer, you could very well be asked to admit that one time when everything fell to you and went brutally wrong. Now, you sit there, wringing your hands, likely asking yourself, how should you respond to the dreaded question, ‘How do you react under pressure?’

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So… Tell Me About Yourself

Many of us have heard the question ‘so, tell me about yourself’ and have had to answer it once or twice. Tackling this apparently ‘simple’ question during your interview is not as easy as it appears. How do you impress the interviewer and display your aptitude for the desired position? In this article, we break down the steps you can follow when answering this age-old question.

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