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Simmons & Simmons is a silver circle leading city law firm. As such, they receive thousands of job applications every year and have recently toughened the recruitment process for graduate training schemes. They have lengthened the application procedure so that only the most committed will make the effort, and they have added the Watson-Glaser critical thinking test as an online test to filter out weaker applicants.

After completing a competency-based application form, candidates will be asked to remotely sit the Watson-Glaser. They will need to pass the test in order to be invited to the final stage of the recruitment process – an assessment centre in London; including an interview, written exercise and a document exercise.

The Watson-Glaser test, favoured because it tests higher order cognitive abilities, evaluates a candidate’s strengths at evaluating, analysing and interpreting information.

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There are five sections to the Watson-Glaser test:

  • Inferences
  • Assumptions
  • Deductions
  • Interpretation
  • Argument Evaluation

Answers are multiple choice and are usually of the format ‘assumption made’ vs. ‘assumption not made’; apart from the inferences section where you must determine to what extent an assumption can be made based on a five-point scale. It is recommended that you practise as much as possible in order to succeed during the Simmons & Simmons recruitment process.

Up until recently, there have been scarce resources to practise the Watson-Glaser, but here at JTP we received your requests and have created new Watson-Glaser practice pack! Here you can practise a full Watson-Glaser test, as well as hundreds of bonus questions and practice guides. Each question comes with broken down explanations and our test writers have included tips that you will find throughout the explanations.

Have you taken a Watson-Glaser test? We would love to hear about your experience!