The SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank is a series of SHL numerical and verbal tests aimed at managers, professionals and graduates. Learn more about these tests, how to prepare and the practice resources available from JobTestPrep.

What is a SHL MGIB Test?

The SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB) is used by employers for selection, assessment or development at managerial, professional or graduate levels. The tests in this battery may be used alongside some SHL verify tests (for example inductive or diagrammatic reasoning), or on their own. MGIB tests are usually supervised tests, so you will take them at an assessment or testing centre, where they will be either online or paper-based.

The SHL MGIB contains two categories of tests: numerical critical reasoning and verbal critical reasoning. Each category includes six test versions, of different lengths and timings. Below we discuss each test, including the types of questions it includes and the skills it requires, and refer you to the best preparation for your needs.

SHL Verbal Critical Reasoning Test

This test assesses your ability to evaluate the logic of an argument. You are given sets of short paragraphs to read, followed by several statements. You are asked to decide whether each statement is true, false or cannot say based on the information contained in the text only.

There are six versions of this test, with different timings and number of questions.

Test VersionQuestionsTimeTime per question
VMG 1522529 seconds
VMG 2, 3, 4482531 seconds
VMG 5, 6321833 seconds

SHL Numerical Critical Reasoning Test

The numerical critical reasoning test measures your ability to understand numerical data and make the correct decisions or inferences from this information. Information is presented in tables and graphs, and you are asked questions that require you to calculate the answer in order to choose the correct answer from a list of options. You may use a calculator to help find the answer.

There are also six versions of this test, with different timings and number of questions.

Test VersionQuestionsTimeTime per question
NMG 1403552 seconds
NMG 2, 3, 4353560 seconds
NMG 5, 6202060 seconds

Preparing For Your SHL MGIB Test

As with all tests, it is advisable to prepare for your SHL MGIB tests. By taking practice tests you sharpen your skills, learn to identify the correct information and calculation for the answer, and how to manage the time allocated for each question. All of this adds up to a better score at the end of it.

At JobTestPrep we have created SHL-style practice packs designed to mimic the types of questions you will have in your MGIB test. These packs are timed, enabling you prepare within realistic (although not exactly the same) time limits. Our SHL-style practice packs also contain study guides, video tutorials and drills to give you all the test preparation you need. Prepare for your Management and Graduate Item Bank tests today.

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