Were you invited to take a test through SHL’s Select2Perform platform? See how our test preparation resources and free samples for SHL tests can help you.

If you are a candidate of an employer that uses SHL assessment services, you have probably been asked to take an online test through a link that includes the name Select2Perform.

It’s important to understand that Select2Perform refers only to the platform through which SHL’s tests are delivered and NOT to a specific name of a test. Thus, we advise you to find out what type of SHL test you are expecting if you wish to prepare for it, e.g. numerical reasoning, personality etc. You can find SHL-style practice tests here.

How to Find Select2Perform Sample Aptitude Tests?

The most natural place to go to is SHL’s official practice website: shldirect.com
However, SHL’s website does not provide answers to the tests.

If you want to see answers to practice questions that follow the SHL-style and get tips for passing SHL’s tests, we advise you to explore the following resources on our blog and website

We have an entire section that offers preparation to many types of SHL tests. Visit us here!