The New Face of Assessment Tests

A growing trend in recruitment these days is gamification or the gamification of recruitment. While this may sound complicated and boring, it’s actually easy and fun! Rather than using old-fashioned interviews and assessment tests, companies are using online games to assess potential hires for the skills and competencies they’re looking for. This is a win-win situation as it allows those of us who normally freeze up in interviews and on tests to have a better shot at getting the job and cuts the recruitment process much shorter (which means quicker results for those eager to hear!).

Why Use Game-Based Assessments?

Ordinarily, when you are applying for a job where assessments are used, tests are either sent to you to be sat at home or you sit the tests at an assessment centre. These can be challenging and nerve-wracking, to say the least, and many applicants complain that they feel aptitude tests are not a good indicator of their abilities. Assessment companies have developed a solution to this issue with game-based assessments.

These veer away from the normal test format, presenting you with different games to play and solve, rather than those old multiple choice tests we’ve seen a thousand times. This takes away from the usual pressure and anxiety surrounding the assessments.

There’s also something in it for the employers, who are often unsatisfied with the results they receive from candidates’ assessments. Companies are often frustrated when applicants come through the recruitment process with flying colours but don’t meet expectations once they begin working (Bloomberg). Game-based assessments match up the results of applicants to those of good employees to see how well they fit the mold.

Revelian’s Theme Park Hero

Let’s look at an example of a traditional assessment company making strides with their new game. Revelian, formerly OneTest, is a large provider of cognitive ability tests in Australia and is used in the UK as well. Previously, Revelian used numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests to assess candidates’ skills in different areas relevant to the job. In the past year, Revelian has begun using a new type of “test”, a gamified recruitment assessment called Theme Park Hero.

How to Play

Revelian’s Theme Park Hero consists of four games or tasks which must be completed in your role as park manager. The water park designer features a puzzle with tetris-like shapes which you have to fit into the allotted space, testing your spatial reasoning abilities. The Balloon Stall shows you a series of words and you need to name the colour the word is written in.

The Blueprints section requires you to recreate an image which has been broken into squares. Tricky Tokens is a test of your mental math skills. Tired of preparing and retaking the same aptitude tests each time you apply for a job? The beauty of Theme Park Hero is that you only take the assessment once a year, which gives the companies an honest picture of your talents rather than allowing you to re-take the test over and over, a phenomenon that can lead to receiving false positives.

Instead of re-testing each time, each candidate is registered and once they have received their results, that data can be sent on to other companies who are also using the same assessment. If you are applying to Australian employers like AMP, the Australian Taxation Office, KPMG Australia and the Public Commission, Revelian Theme Park Hero is coming your way.

Serving Up an Assessment

Revelian is also the distributor for another up and coming game-based assessment in Australia called Wasabi Waiter created by Knack. Knack is an app that tracks data from games that you play on the app to see what “knacks” or talents you have that employers look for. Once you have a profile listing your “knacks”, you can apply for jobs through the app! Aside from Wasabi Waiter, the app includes Meta Maze and Balloon Brigade Blitz. Like Theme Park Hero, each of these games focus on a specific skill set such as spatial reasoning, ability to focus and problem-solving. Big companies like American Express, Nielsen and Kimberly-Clark are already using games to evaluate applicants.

Wasabi Waiter – How to Play

Wasabi Waiter places the player as a waiter in a busy sushi restaurant. Your job is to read the emotions of each customer who comes in (happy, sad, surprised, angry) and serve a plate of sushi based on your reading. As you get farther into the game, more and more customers come in and you have less and less time to serve each one. Once you have completed the game, Knack shows you a score of competencies, such as strategic, fast learner and problem solver, just a few of your knacks. Game-based assessments like Revelian and Wasabi Waiter are making the assessment stage of job applications more enjoyable and productive for both applicants and employers. With games to play and puzzles to solve, the usual pressure melts away and you give employers a fuller picture of your abilities.

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