So, you’ve been invited to perform a video interview, but you haven’t got the slightest clue as to what to expect? We get that you’re nervous – the truth is, most candidates are when it comes to video interviews. This whole process can be hard if you’re more camera-shy and don’t like basking in the limelight; but being too over-confident and laid-back can also be damaging as well.

Being ready with the right attitude, poise and answers means preparing in advance – and this article is just what you need to start preparing!

Why would you have a video interview?

These days, technology is constantly advancing and the traditional practices are being replaced with new and improved methods. Video interviews are just one of these changes … making long-distance interviews possible without the needless expenses, planning and hassle.

Who knows – soon we may even have robots taking the place of interviewers! Imagine trying to impress a mechanical device with no personality … let’s just say, we’re glad we aren’t at that point … yet!

The WHERE of video interviews

The truth is, most candidates get nervous for their interview. Knowing what to expect helps you stay calm and collected – regardless of whether you’re performing an in-person, video, or recorded interview.

You may find yourself having a video interview at your potential employer’s office if your interviewer is at another location. These interviews are pretty similar to face-to-face interviews, so come prepared and ready to knock their socks off (not literally though!)

Video interviews that aren’t performed in the company’s office can be done wherever you want. BUT keep in mind that you want to be in a secluded and (most-importantly) a QUIET space where you can hear your interviewer and they can hear you. Make sure the internet connection works well and you are situated in a place with good lighting and zero distractions. 

The HOW of video interviews

Video interviews can be performed in a variety of ways. You may be asked to record yourself answering pre-recorded interview questions which will be given to you. This method may feel weird; almost like you’re having a conversation with your computer.

Yet you will actually have the upper-hand since you can have time to prepare your answers to each question beforehand. Just pretend you’re having a REAL conversation with an interviewer and the answers will flow easily.

Live interviews are, of course, quite different. You may need to join a group video chat through a shared link. Possible video chat platforms include Skype and Google Hangouts. Remember, you’re on the spotlight now so be sure to put on a smile, think before you speak and be confident!

Dressing for the occasion

True, you don’t have to leave your home, or even get up from the comfort of your couch once you’ve finished watching re-runs of your favorite TV show. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t dress to impress.

Choose colors that will look good on camera; nothing to bright or too distracting. You want to look professional and put-together, so your favorite neon green and orange pinstriped tie may just have to wait to be worn at another event.

We know it’s tempting to wear a fancy shirt and look your best from the waist up … while not wearing any pants from the waist down because, well, why not? If you’re considering this, we strongly advise that you don’t go trouser-less. You never know if your interviewer will ask you to do a little twirl and show off your style. True, the likelihood of this happening is slim, but why take any chances?

Non-verbal cues speak a thousand words

You already know that you will be evaluated based on what you say and how you answer each question. But keep in mind that during your video interview, your interviewer is also looking for facial expressions, poise and body language which shows them how you are truly feeling. Talking about how excited you are for the job position while crossing your arms, looking away from the camera and frowning will not make you look too promising.

Body language tips:

  • Eye contact – Looking at the camera throughout the duration of the interview is essential. After all, you don’t want to seem like a space cadet who got lost on another planet. Maintaining good eye contact helps the conversation flow and appear more personable. However, try not to stare your interviewer down like you’re playing ‘the no-blinking game’.
  • Smile – this can be your greatest asset, if used correctly. Smiling incessantly can make you look like you’re impersonating Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland; with his overly creepy grin. Use your common sense and smile at the right times; giving yourself an air of confidence and a positive attitude that your interviewer is sure to appreciate.
  • Posture – Even if you’re sitting on your comfortable couch at home, slouching is a big no-no. You shouldn’t sit up like a straight rod either, since it makes you seem unnatural and uncomfortable. Try to find a middle ground by sitting in a comfortable yet upright position.  

Lights, camera and ACTION!

Getting ready to take your video interview is almost like an actor who prepares for the next take. It’s important to practise what you are going to say so that you will feel natural when you appear on screen. Do some practice video calls with friends and family to get used to looking into the camera and answering possible interview questions.

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