Were you invited to take an SHL personality test as part of the recruitment process? JTP’s testing team has tips on how to prepare yourself for such a test.

SHL offers employers a personality test called the OPQ (occupational personality questionnaire). Prepare for your test with these three valuable tips from JobTestPrep.

1 – Know what the test measures

By reading the product brochures that SHL provides to potential clients (the employers), you can gain a better understanding of the test’s structure, the traits being measured, and even see a score report sample that will be sent to the employer.

Here are two important resources, found on the SHL website:

  • Candidate Report – provides the employer with a full explanation of the candidate’s scores.
  • Fact Sheet – Details of the tests such as what traits the questions are designed to analyse and how long it should take you to complete.

2 – Know what your future employer is looking for

The application process to any job usually implies or states clearly which traits play a role when choosing which candidates to hire. For example, a customer service role will likely require sociability and empathy, while an analyst role will require creative thinking styles, conscientiousness and following rules.

3 – Experience a personality test in advance

Taking a personality tests can cast fear among candidates. Naturally, we don’t feel very comfortable when we are exposed or when our inner motives are in the spotlight. Simulating a personality test in advance can help alleviate that fear and can also give you a better picture of how your profile is presented to employers.

Our personality test produces a thorough score report that analyses up to 34 traits!
Start preparing now for your personality test with JobTestPrep!