Want to work for the European Union? It has been announced that the EU will be creating a database for contracts in OHIM, The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. If you get offered a position it will be in Alicante, Spain.

Prepare for the EPSO OHIM/CAST/15/2015 Competition!

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market Office in Alicante, Spain


What are these EPSO Competitions?

The EPSO competitions in this bracket are in the following fields:


Intellectual property officers for function group 3 and Intellectual property experts for function group 4.


Administrative assistants for function group 3 and Adviser/Specialists for function group 4.

What are the EPSO tests that I’ll have to take?

There are a number of EPSO tests you’ll have to pass in order to progress in your application. The first set of tests is your opening of the door so it is imperative that you are fully prepared for them. They are:

EPSO Verbal Reasoning Skills Test

In this test you have 18 minutes to answer 10 questions. If you are applying for a function group 3 you need to get at least five of the questions correct. For function group 4 you will need to score at least six out of 10. These tests are taken in your second language. Practice is your key to success so check out our free EPSO test demo and get your preparation pack so you know what to expect, can prepare and get the score you want.

EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test

In this test you have 10 minutes to answer five questions. You are presented with different tables and you have to find the correct material and use it to answer the multiple choice questions. Although this may sound daunting, with proper preparation where you learn the skills and brush up on your maths you should be fine.

EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test

In this test you have 10 minutes to answer 10 questions. You are presented with a set of five images with a pattern running through them. You have to identify this pattern and then use it to select the correct answer from five different answer options. Get your practice pack to give yourself the best chance of success.

Altogether in the numerical and abstract reasoning test you have to score 8/15 for function group 3 and 9/15 for function group 4. However this isn’t the end of the story because there is such high competition for places. In fact, if you only score 8-9/15 it is highly unlikely you will get through to the next stage. Get you preparation pack from JobTestPrep!

What are the different roles to apply for?

There are a number of different roles detailed in this competition and we will give a short synopsis of each of them.


Function group 3

Officer: in this role you have to support activities relating to the protection of community trademarks (CTM) and registered community designs (RCD).

Function group 4

IP expert: in this role you will participate in activities related to the protection of both CTM’s and RCD’s. You will contribute to cooperation and harmonisation measures with the national intellectual property offices in the European Union.


Function group 3

  • Human Resources Administration: In this role you be assisting with the organisation of selection procedures, dealing with administrative matters, providing assistance in the management of HR policies, and preparing HR stats.
  • Finance: In this role you will be doing financial operations, accounts, budgetary operations, dealing with tenders and administrative tasks related to assets.
  • Information Technology Designer: Your duties can include the production of business analysis documentation and deliverables, provide technical expertise for system maintenance, development and configuration of software, hardware management, and IT architecture management.
  • Communication: For communication jobs, you will be organising events, dealing with press etc., provide content development, drafting and various audio-visual tasks.
  • Project Implementation: Here you will be assisting with project management, quality and resources monitoring, risk management, among other similar tasks.
  • Linguistic (Proofreading): In this position, you have to revise various texts and ensure they are in a high level of the language you are working in.
  • Executive/Technical Assistance: For these jobs, you deal with the management of administrative monies, user accounts, organise meetings and the like, deal with users and participate in activities related to ISO certifications among other tasks.

Function Group 4

  • Law: In this role you will be providing legal assistance and expertise in matters such as the staff regulations, public procurement, access to documents, data protection, institutional issues, etc.
  • Programme/Senior Project Management: Here you will be providing expertise, tools and methodologies to enable projects and programmes to be successful.
  • International Cooperation & External Relations: During this profession, you will be giving advice on development and implementation of assistance programmes and collaborating with initiatives that are undertaken by OHIM in an international context.
  • Observatory & Academy: In this role you will be giving advice and analysis, develop and deliver training, create, develop and monitor networks.
  • Information Technology Expert: Here you will have to analyse, develop and evaluate complex systems, provide the expertise for the integration of specific software or ERPs in complex environments.
  • Human Resources Expert: As a human resources expert, you are expected to provide advice and analysis in specific HR matters, draft policy documents and manage the relationship with local stakeholders.

Each and every one of these roles require previous experience in the field of entry that you are applying for. This generally includes 3-4 years of training and work.

How can you pass your EPSO tests?

That’s easy! Take JobTestPrep’s tailor-made EPSO packs. They will give you the skills and confidence to go and perform to the best of your ability. We hope you have enjoyed this article and look forward to helping you with your EPSO competition!