Are you thinking of applying for an EU position? Read below to learn about the EPSO CAST function groups 3 and 4 competitions.

What tests do you have to take in the EPSO/CAST/P/1-4/2015 Competitions?

EPSO has announced four new competitions for contract workers. They are in the financial and project management positions. The details of the competitions are:

  • EPSO/CAST/P/1/2015 – Financial officer – Function Group III (FGIII)
  • EPSO/CAST/P/2/2015 – Financial adviser – Function Group IV (FGIV)
  • EPSO/CAST/P/3/2015 – Project/programme officer – Function Group III (FGIII)
  • EPSO/CAST/P/4/2015 – Project/programme adviser – Function Group IV (FGIV)

What do these EPSO positions entail?

There are two main sections to this competition: Financial and Project managers. The different duties involved include:

  • Budget planning, financial coordination and advice, support, management of financial information, administrative tasks related to assets, etc.
  • General programme management, preparation of technical specifications, financial evaluation of projects and programs, preparation of reports and statistics, etc.

What EPSO tests do I have to take?

There are four main tests that you have to take which you have to pass in order to move forward. If you do so with a high enough mark you will be invited to have an interview. This is the final stage of the recruitment and if you impress there you will be offered a position immediately. There is no formal assessment centre for these competitions.

The tests that you have to pass are outlined below:

Verbal Reasoning: In this test, you have to answer 20 questions in the 35-minute time limit. Each question is based on a text that is often a topic of interest in the European Union. You are presented with four different options and you have to select the correct statement of the four. In order to do well in this EPSO test, you have to understand the skills and methods needed to perform well. Taking practice tests gives you not only the ability to do this but also the confidence to know that you can perform at the required level when needed.

Numerical Reasoning: Here you have to answer 10 questions within 20 minutes. Generally, the questions focus on your ability to use a variety of different numerical skills such as working with percentages and ratios. Learn more about this test and get EPSO style practice questions on the JobTestPrep website.

Abstract Reasoning: Here you have to answer 10 questions in 10 minutes. In this test, you are presented with a group of five different shapes that have a predetermined pattern running through the sequence. You have to work out what the pattern is and use it to decide on the next shape. You can see how these questions look in through a worked example.

In order to pass this stage of the EPSO competition you need to score at least 50% in the verbal reasoning, and a combined 50% in the numerical and abstract reasoning tests. However, this isn’t the complete truth as the number of places offered to get through to the next stage is few. This means that unless you score highly on these tests you will not be offered the chance to take your application further.

Any Other Stages?

If you do well enough in the EPSO tests you will be invited to have a panel interview assessing your suitability for the job, your qualifications, experience and linguistic knowledge to perform the tasks involved. If you impress in the interview you will be offered a position.

How can we help you?

Here at JobTestPrep, we have created EPSO tailored preparation packages in order to give you the best chance of success. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We aim to answer all questions within 2 days. We hope you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to helping you with your application.