Did you apply for a new job that seems to be right up your ally, but the numerical reasoning test you need to take during the hiring process is making you think twice?

Well, there’s no need to lose sleep worrying about it, since we have an easy solution to calm your fears and heighten your chances of success.  

Simply put – we offer specially-customized numerical practice tests, giving you exactly what you asked for, all in one place!  

Get to Know All About the Numerical Reasoning Test 

The numerical test is one of the most frequently used assessment tools which employers use to determine just how high you score on a cognitive level.  

These tests are performed online, but be warned, you need to take this test on your own without your friends help. “Why”, you ask? Well, because you just may be asked to re-take the test again when you come in for the in-person interview.

For this reason, you’d be well-off to practice beforehand. “How”, you ask? Our practice materials are designed to familiarize you with the test’s format and characteristics.  

10 Characteristics of the Numerical Reasoning Test 

The first step to doing well on your upcoming test is knowing what to expect and what makes the numerical reasoning tests unique from other aptitude tests:

  1. Popular: Numerical tests are the most well-known and commonly used of all other aptitude tests. 
  2. Multiple-choice: Numerical tests offer several answer choices to choose from. 
  3. Time-limited: Numerical tests have a time-limit, yet certain numerical tests may give more time than others.  
  4. Work-related: The newer numerical tests often base their questions on real-life data you will have to face at work.  
  5. Precise: Numerical tests measure how well one solves numerical problems in a quick and accurate way.  
  6. No memorization: Numerical tests do not require that you memorize equations beforehand. They measure your intuitive cognitive knowledge.  
  7. No additional data: Numerical tests provide all of the information you need to solve the problems, so don’t add our own assumptions.  
  8. Diverse: Numerical tests include a range of numerical data – such as graphs, equations, tables and more. 
  9. Integrative: Numerical tests assesses how well you identify and integrate information to make deductions and inferences.  
  10.  Allows guessing: Many numerical tests don’t give negative scores for choosing the wrong answer. Therefore, guessing is better than not answering at all.  

About Numerical Reasoning Test Questions

  • A question can refer to either graph/s, table/s, or both. Some may even include word problems. 
  • Normally, a graph or table will be followed by more than one question about it.   
  • Most questions are multiple choice that can differ in the number of distractors, which are answer options given that are similar to the correct answer in order to throw you off and make you slip-up.  
  • The less distractors there are, the more you can focus on analyzing the question’s data.  
  • If there are too many, it will be much harder to choose the right answer in such a short amount of time! 
  • Most numerical reasoning test questions are phrased and designed in a specific way which requires and allows the use of a calculator. 
  • Unlike other math tests, numerical reasoning test questions pose financial-oriented scenarios that often occur day-to-day. This helps measure how well you can come up with mathematical solutions in these moments.  

Which Math Subjects are Included?  

The level of math you need to know is not extremely high – the hard part is truly understanding the numerical data when deciding which strategies you’ll need to use. With the pressure of limited-time, you may feel even more flustered and overwhelmed.  

To help you feel calmer and more prepared, here are the most common operations you can expect in your numerical test: 

  • Addition 
  • Subtraction 
  • Multiplication 
  • Division 
  • Percentages 
  • Ratios 

The Top 10 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips  

So, you’re reading all of this and thinking – “what can I do to possibly prepare for this type of test?” We understand your intimidation, but we know that this test can be easily prepared for with our helpful tips and practice materials!

Here are our helpful tips to ready you for your upcoming numerical reasoning test:  

  1. Read through the instructions thoroughly and listen to the test administrator carefully when he reads out the test instructions because you can’t ask questions once the test starts.  
  2. Be careful with the distractors on multiple-choice questions. These answers are made to catch you up if you aren’t reading the question thoroughly.  
  3. Work in a quick and accurate manner. Try not to guess at answers (even if the test doesn’t mark you for a wrong answer) so that you can excel.  
  4. Stay focused on your test and don’t get distracted from other people’s progress.  
  5. Keep track of how much time you have left and try to be as accurate and efficient as possible within those limits. 
  6. Try to find more about the test provider by asking the employer which type of test you might be asked to take. 
  7. Get a good night’s rest so that you can be alert and refreshed for the big day. 
  8. Arrive to the test with time to spare by looking up the directions and planning your travel route beforehand.  
  9. Become familiar with formulas, subjects, and themes covered in the test so that you can know what to expect. 
  10. Practice away! After all, they do say that practice makes perfect (yes yes, you’ve heard this one before…but it’s proven to be true). Practicing with the numerical sample and free test we provide at JobTestPrep can help you become familiar with the tests’ layout and types of questions so that you can receive great test-taking techniques. 

Prepare for the Numerical Reasoning Test

Number 10 says it all – practicing is the key to success! If you want to get a hold of the best-quality practice materials, study guides, and answer explanations to boost your score, here at JobTestPrep we have exactly what you need. Give yourself the best chance of success by practicing for your numerical reasoning test today!  

We at JobTestPrep are here to help you succeed throughout the hiring process. Prepare with our pre-employment tests and interview practice to improve your performance today.