New Video Tutorials for all Numerical Reasoning Test Preparation - at JobTestPrep we know that learning is done through two important tools – practicing and learning. At JobTestPrep we are always looking for new ways to make learning easier – so we have created new video tutorial guides. Here we talk you through concepts such as ratios, percentages, time saving tips and advanced topics such as inflation.

What is does a video tutorial contain?

We explain the basics of a concept and show you how it applies in numerical reasoning tests. That is, after an explanation of each concept we will present you with relevant examples from our practice packs. We work through the example using the material pre-explained, so that you can be sure how to get to the answer. The examples get progressively more difficult as you work through the tutorial – from beginner to advanced difficulty levels.

Where can I buy these packages?

These video tutorials will be added to all relevant packages for free! This includes all numerical reasoning test preparation packages, including out numerical reasoning package, numerical and verbal package and all full packages.

We are confident that this extra help can make a change in the way you perceive numerical reasoning concepts. Looking forward to having you on board!