Advanced Managerial Test at JobTestPrepOur test writers are at it again! Our latest test to be developed is the Numerical Managerial Test. This is our most advanced numerical reasoning test, as it can require you to analyse three sources of data for one question.

Who is this test for?

This test is usually used in the screening process for business settings. It parallels business environments where you will be required to hone in on specific details and recognise patterns from multiple information sources.

It is targeted at manager and executive level positions and is our most sophisticated and challenging numerical test yet, meeting the standards of the most recent developments in numerical testing for these levels.

The test will be included in both our managerial level packages (Aptitude Tests Practice Packs for ManagersAll-in-one Customised Practice Pack for Managers). It will also be added to our Numerical Reasoning Pack which you can now purchase at no additional cost.

Test yourself with our free Numerical Reasoning Test Sample.

Format of the Test

You will have 35 minutes to complete 30 questions and may use a calculator. This test is multiple-choice and is split into several sets of questions. For each set, you will typically be presented with at least three different sorts of data (it could be written texts, tables, diagrams, pie-charts, fluctuation charts, etc.) You will then need to pick the relevant information for each question, identify trends across a wide range of data and combine statistics from different sources. After finishing the test, our test-system will allow you to view your normalized score.

We hope you find our new product helpful and would love to hear your feedback on it!
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