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What is MI6 (SIS)?

MI6 is the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service.

What is the Difference Between MI5 & MI6?

While MI5 is responsible for protecting the UK against threats to national security, MI6 is responsible for security threats internationally.

Is MI6 the Same as Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

You may have heard of MI6 from the Bond films, that’s right – Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

What Are the Requirements for a Role in MI6?

MI6 is keen to recruit graduates from all backgrounds to reflect the diversity that this job entails. This especially includes employing more women, as MI6 is running a little low. In short, you must be British, have a clear drugs history and not be on any Most Wanted lists. A 2.1 is also a minimum requirement – specific positions require other specific qualifications. Main graduate positions are in the following areas: Technology Positions, Language Specialists and Operational Officers. It can also take about 10-months for all clearance checks to run before you can take up a position so bear that in mind.

What Skills Will I Need to Demonstrate?

In general, MI6 requires the following skills and aptitudes: integrity, commitment and a strong team ethic; technical improvisation and lateral thinking; emotional detachment and instinct; strong analytical and communication skills.

What Is the Recruitment Procedure Like?

If you fit the nationality and security criteria, you will be sent an online verbal reasoning test (some roles also require a numerical reasoning and situational judgement test). If you pass this stage you will be asked to complete an online competency-based application form. If successful, you will be invited to an interview where you will also be asked to complete some more psychometric tests and a written exercise. The final stage is an assessment centre where you will be put in scenarios similar to what you are likely to face in the role you have applied for.

Can I Practice for the MI6 Verbal Reasoning Test?

MI6 recommend that you practice for your verbal reasoning test online. Preparation will familiarise you with the types of tests you will experience, sharpening your skills and arming you with tricks for passing the test. The Civil Service use Cubiks tests in their recruitment. In this test, you have 25 minutes to answer 36 questions based on 9 passages of text. Each passage is followed by four multiple choice questions asking you: about information contained or inferred in the text; to determine which statement is true from a list of options; or which statement summarises the paragraph. Learn more about verbal reasoning tests and prepare for your tests with JobTestPrep.

What Happens Next?

This is where you will have to receive satisfactory clearance. You will then be given a formal offer and can begin induction and training.

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