Were you invited to take a managerial numerical reasoning test? Learn what to expect and find relevant practice resources here.

Many managerial recruitment processes include a numerical reasoning assessment. These assessments are popular for two reasons:

  1. Managers are expected to be comfortable with data analysis and numerical operations as they are an integral part of your  daily work, regardless of rank or industry.
  2. It’s a cost-effective tool to screen out less competitive candidates.

Management or Senior Management?

If you were invited to take a managerial numerical test, the types of test you can expect are determined by your specific job level. In the world of assessments, we could say that the division is as follows:

  1. Junior/Middle management numerical reasoning tests (aka graduate/mgmt)
  2. Senior management numerical tests (directors, VPs, C level)

In many cases, assessment companies will not separate the above two groups. That is, a graduate applying for an entry level analyst job at a corporate bank may sit the same test as a department manager or director. In such a case, either a cut-off score will determine whether a candidate progresses, or the score is compared to the average score of the cohort.

In other cases the level of difficulty of senior managerial tests will differ substantially. Let’s look at some types of advanced managerial numerical reasoning tests.

Popular types of managerial level tests

NMT4 – one of SHL’s Advanced Managerial Tests is a graph/table numerical test that can display multiple data sets at once, e.g. two tables and one graph.
NMT2 – another SHL Advanced Managerial Test, which contains higher level word problems.

Learn more about NMT2 and 4.

Pearson’s RANRA – the Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal test is used frequently for senior managerial selection processes. Unlike the aforementioned tests, the format of this test resembles GMAT’s data sufficiency format. Learn more here.

Practice resources

As with all other job related tests, the key to preparing for numerical managerial tests is finding the exact name or type of test you have been asked to sit. Once you have it all you need to do is look for a practice resource that follows the specific characteristics of that test as much as possible.

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