If you were looking for real evidence on why it is so important to prepare for the series of psychometric tests your employer will ask you to take, here it is.

At JobTestPrep, we constantly emphasise how important it is to prepare for job-related psychometric tests. There is not a single page on the website that does not touch upon that subject in one way or another. We discovered this interesting video, made by a&dc, a UK based assessment company that specialises in talent recruitment, demonstrating how they apply situational judgment tests and assessment centre exercises.

The image below, taken from the article, shows how the use of psychometric tests helps employers filter 975 candidates from every 1000 applying for the job. Yes, only 25 candidates will pass the employer’s selection process, a common phenomenon in the corporate world. In addition, the SJT step alone can help sift a THIRD (33%) of the candidates!

How an SJT can help the process


So, here we go again. If you want to secure your next job – come prepared. The preparation will help you in many ways:

  1. Equip you with important insights on what the employer is looking for in terms of competencies, work conduct, job performance, etc.
  2. Improve your confidence and allow you not to shut off due to time constraints or environmental pressure.
  3. Increase your chances of passing the application process successfully.

How can we help you?

We are dedicated to developing tailored, job specific and assessment specific practice resources. We do that 24/7, with testing teams, intelligence, rigorous customer feedback and constant updates from the assessment industry. Learn more about the JobTestPrep Advantage >>

* Taken from the SHL website; http://ceb.shl.com/graduate-intelligence/graduate-solutions/sift-out-select-in/