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The Beginner’s Guide to Psychometric Tests

In the psychometric test guide, find out what psychometric testing actually is, why, and more importantly – how you can study for it in advance. Learn the breakdown of the exams, such as the numerical, verbal, abstract, technical, personality, SJT and more. Furthermore, as a featured bonus, we include a few sample questions to help you along the way. Check it out!

Law Firm Training Contract Application Form

This guide explains all you need to know about law firm application forms; such as how to prepare, questions that are likely to be asked during interviews, and competency questions. Evaluate how your abilities measure up against the skills that the firm feel are important for their lawyers. Learn how to talk during the interview and prepare for the relevant assessments – what they are and how to practise for them.

Interview Preparation Guide

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything related to job interviews. This includes understanding the interviewer’s personality, how to dominate the interview, be confident and have the right attitude. Learn how to act during the interview and get ready to answer ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions.

Numerical Reasoning Formulas

This guide thoroughly covers all types of numerical tests. You will be given elaborate examples of typical questions with detailed explanations. You will also receive the relevant equations and calculations as well. The skills which are likely to be covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, averages, percentages, and ratios.

SHL Test Results Complete Guide

With this guide you will receive explanations on all there is to know about the SHL tests’ results; who needs to take this test and how your score is calculated.

Free Aptitude Test PDFs

These PDFs include questions & answers from all of the main exams, such as the SJT, logical, mechanical, numerical and verbal reasoning tests. We offer all of these practice tests for free as well. These Q & A PDFs will help you to get ready properly.

Psychometric Tests (Questions & Answers) Mechanical Aptitude Tests PDF (Questions & Answers)
Numerical Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers) Verbal Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers)
Situational Judgment Test (Questions & Answers) Free UKCAT Practice (Questions & Answers)
Logical/Inductive Reasoning (Questions & Answers) Spatial Reasoning (Questions & Answers)

Answers for Assessment Companies’ Free Tests

Leading providers of various assessment tests are Kenexa, Saville and Talent Q. JobTestPrep offers practice tests and detailed answer explanations of all three providers. That way, you can practise for the real thing!

Kenexa Numerical Kenexa Logical
Kenexa Verbal Saville Analysis
Saville Comprehension Saville Technical
Talent Q Example Test Answers

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