Applying to law firms is a little different from applying elsewhere. With no CV attached to the application form, the form itself is the only opportunity you have to present your previous work experience and how it has helped you acquire new skills, and improve your application to work for a top law firm.

Some application forms provide space for you to present this information – make sure you use it. Some forms will ask you to include this softer information in the covering letter, or in an actual question contained on the form.

As in a CV where you list all forms of work experience, the application form asks you to list all your work experience as well. Non-law work experience is valuable if you demonstrate how you have gained transferable skills which will improve your abilities as a lawyer. What skills did you learn through your previous work experience? For example, did you work with customers, work within a team as part of your day to day role, or communicate regularly with customers and other people outside your team?

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