It has just been announced that 149 new positions are being made available on the reserve list for administrators EPSO AD5. So if you are thinking of an EU career, this is the time to apply. Get your EPSO training in early to perform at your best!

What EPSO AD5 tests do I need to pass?

There are a number of different EPSO AD5 tests that you need to pass in order to get through this EPSO concours. These are:

EPSO Verbal Reasoning test: Taken in your first language, this is a 10 question test to be taken in 18 minutes. The pass mark is 50%. 

EPSO Numerical Reasoning test: Also in your first language, this 10 question test gives you a time limit of 20 minutes. 

EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test: In this test, you have to answer 20 questions in a 20-minute time frame. Learning how to answer these questions is tricky so see our dedicated page for tips and tricks and get our EPSO training pack for complete preparation.

Situational Judgement Test: The last test in the EPSO computer-based test section requires you to complete a 20 question Situational Judgement Test, or SJT, in a 30-minute time-frame. This test is taken in your second language. You need to score at least 60% to be considered for the next section of the EPSO concours. Learn more about this test on our dedicated page.

What’s the EPSO AD5 position?

If you are a graduate or young professional and want to become an EU administrator, this is a great place to start. As this is a generalist position, there are three main areas of work performed. These are:

Policy formulation and development: This includes the analysis and formulation of policies, drafting policy analysis notes and briefings and assisting decision-makers.

Operational delivery: This includes checking programmes and action plans, managing the relationships between member states and external interest groups, drafting contracts, contributing to external communication as well as other such activities.

Resource management: This includes the monitoring of administrative, financial and budget procedures, helping prepare budget estimates and helping manage operational, strategic, social and budgetary risks

EPSO e-Tray

If you pass all the tests and your score is among the highest candidates, you are invited to take the intermediate test, the e-tray exercise. This, like the SJT, is taken in your second language. You are assessed on four of the competencies, each of which is marked out of 10. There are between 15 and 20 questions to answer. Learn more about e-tray exercises on our dedicated page.

What are the EPSO AD5 Assessment Centre exercises?

There are four tests at the EPSO assessment centre and each of them is used to assess you against a specific competency. You need to score highly for each and every section of the test so make sure you are fully prepared:

  • Case Study: Assesses you on the competency of delivering quality and results.
  • Oral Presentation: Assesses you on analysis and problem solving; communicating; and resilience
  • Competency-based interview: Assesses you on learning and development; resilience; and leadership.
  • Group Exercise: Assesses you on prioritising and organising; working with others and leadership

If you score highly enough on each of the competencies you will be offered a place on the reserve list.

How can we help?

Preparing for each stage of the EPSO concours is challenging. At JobTestPrep we have all the materials to ensure you go into your EPSO AD5 tests in the best possible way. We hope you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to helping you perform at your best with our EPSO training packs.