Before the recruitment process, the recruiters have to look at a large number of CVs. For this reason, they usually spend a small amount of time reading each one. Having an outstanding CV is crucial – so that the right person will notice you right off the bat. Otherwise, you may not get a phone call for the desired job interview. This is why we are here; to provide you with just the tools you need to write an attractive CV.

Tips to help you write your CV properly:

1. The right order

Write your CV according to the following order:

  • Contact info – city, email & telephone
  • CV summary
  • Working experience
  • Education
  • Work-related skills i.e. office knowledge, programming languages etc.)

2. Keep it professional

If you’re into dogs, scuba-diving and/or Tim Burton, that’s great and all… but this type of personal information won’t contribute to finding you a job. Try to include skills and hobbies that are more closely related to your career of interest

3. Stick to relevant information

Make sure that everything in your CV will contribute to the specific position you’re about to apply to.

Some of your experience or education may not be helpful for the scope of the job you want. We suggest that you look over your CV. If necessary, delete irrelevant details and rewrite parts of it.

Before applying, read thoroughly about the position, the required skills and necessary work experience. Afterwards make sure to edit and rewrite your CV accordingly.

4. Tell the truth

It is important to present yourself as the best and most suitable person for the specific role. Feel free to praise and aggrandize your skills and achievements, after all, you are looking to stand out and show your strengths. However, be sure not to take it too far by writing an untrue statement.

For example: if you were a waiter in restaurant, you can rave about your customer-service skills, accuracy and patience. However, you would not be able to say you ran the place, or worked as a business man.

We at JobTestPrep are here to help you succeed throughout the hiring process. Prepare with our pre-employment tests and interview practice to improve your performance today.