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‘Do you have any questions?’

Congratulations, you are near the end of the interview, the tunnel truly does have a light at the end of it and you have done fabulously! You have made the interviewer chuckle, you have tooted your own horn more than once. Colors seem brighter and now, now the tables have turned! You are deemed conqueror in the little cubicle room as you are granted freedom to ask ANYTHING your heart contents about your interviewer, the company and what truly lies behind door 666 on floor 66. The possibilities are endless, yet the question remains, where do you begin?

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Q in the Interview: How Did You Hear About Us

Clichés exist. Clichés exist in stories, on the telly, in daily communication – even in the corner of Aunt Millie’s cupboard, (behind that moldy thing she insists is an antique). So, what are the clichés in an interview setting? There’s a bunch! But one particular phrase that is used a considerably amount of times is: ‘How did you hear about us?’ This can be answered in an array of ways – so long as you leave the ray gun at home.

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Competencies: What exactly are compe … whatchacallit again?

Core competencies are skills, attributes and knowledge … essentially it’s a way of combining activities, resources and operations to help distinguish one company from the next. Yes, it is agreed, this is irrelevant to you – or it will be until the light bulb turns on over your head and you realise that you can bend this information to its knees and place it on a CV and cover letter. Now you may be thinking, ‘Great! But what exactly are they?’

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What is Your Proudest Achievement?

Congratulations you have just hit dirt! You are currently being asked to BRAG about your accomplishments! This is the time. This is the place. This is the hour to begin to relay EVERY detail of your LIFE to the interviewer. … WRONG! Your interviewer does not care about you. Your interviewer is much more interested in that aspect of your life you consider professional. But, with this in mind, where does one start?

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CV Service

Before the recruitment process, the recruiters have to look at a large number of CVs. For this reason, they usually spend a small amount of time reading each one. Having an outstanding CV is crucial – so that the right person will notice you right off the bat. Otherwise, you may not get a phone call for the desired job interview. This is why we are here; to provide you with just the tools you need to write an attractive CV.

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