Many top law firm application forms ask which questions are frequently asked. There is no answer to this question as each company is unique, looking for something slightly different from the next. What fits for one firm may not fit for another. However, there are general questions commonly used on an application form. Here are a few examples found throughout the law firm recruitment process:

  • Why have you chosen the law?
  • Why have you chosen to apply to work with us?
  • Which other firms have you applied to work with, and why?
  • Tell us about any positions of authority or responsibility you have had.
  • Tell us about your most significant achievements.
  • Give three examples of work experience relevant to a career in law. (Eversheds)
  • Provide four examples of positions of responsibility you have held. (Eversheds)

Almost every application form you fill in will have a combination of these questions. The temptation will be to take the answers from one form and copy them straight into the next form. However, all recruiters will tell you that this is a real no no. They want evidence that you have researched the firm, and you need to have that show in your answers. Think about why you want to apply to this firm, and of any detail you can that will show why this firm is different. Research could include speaking to current trainees or staff at open days or law fairs, and including what you got from that in your application forms.

Some advice from recruiters:

Berwin Leighton Paisner advises that you think about what your achievements say about you. Do they show you to be adventurous, or enjoy taking on new challenges?

Use examples from your studies, work experience, or your past to illustrate your answers. Back up your answers to explain why you are good at something, don’t just say that you are good at something.

Try to include the specific criteria they are looking for in your answers. Use your own examples to show how you fit those criteria. Freshfields remind you to use your own words. Anyone can use a cliché.

Table of Contents

  1. Training Contract and Vacation Scheme Application Tips
  2. Before You Start Your Law Firm Vacation Scheme or Training Contract Application Form
  3. Common Law Questions on Your Law Firm Application Form
  4. How to Answer Questions About Yourself
  5. Answering Competency Questions
  6. Commercial Law Questions and Answers
  7. Filling in Your Work Experience
  8. Word Count Limits
  9. How to Write a Law Cover Letter
  10. At the End of Your Law Firm Application Form
  11. Download the Complete Guide to Vacation Schemes & Training Contracts Applications