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Practical Ways of Sabotaging Your Job

You have a great job, admirable coworkers, make a decent living and yet you no longer feel the delightful satisfaction from your work experience. By the nagging wife, you know this job is critical in the rat race known as life, but you are simply unhappy. First off, know that you are not alone. About 10% of British workers admit that they are dissatisfied with their current working predicament. – But let’s face it, there’s a whole heck of a lot more! If you are one of these closet unhappy beings, you probably want to be a wee bit cryptic with getting sacked. Yet where does one begin?

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Understanding Communication Skills

Communication has been around since the very beginning of time. Back in the old days, cavemen would lumber around possibly ‘oooing’ at one another and would become entranced by little things, such as fire or rain. You may be asking yourself, what is a proper way of communicating – that is, without the need of tea, crumpets and the Queen?

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The Best Websites to Find Your Dream Job

There are many advantages to using the UK’s top job search platforms and boards when going after your dream job. Online job boards and recruitment agencies make it easier than ever to connect employers to hundreds of qualified individuals each year. Below you will find more information regarding the most popular online job boards and agencies being used daily by eager job-seekers within the UK.

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The “HOW” of Career Change

If the future of your local government career looks fragile then you may be considering a change of career. And the same thought might occur to those who fall prey to the axe of redundancy before they had planned to, and don’t want or can’t afford to hang up their briefcase and blackberry.

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