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How to Choose which CEB's SHL-style Preparation Package to Buy‎?

How to Decide Which Package to Buy for CEB SHL's Tests?
Do you have a CEB’s SHL* assessment coming soon? Not sure how to choose the best practice pack out of the variety of packs available on the market? This article describes four important criteria you should consider when purchasing a preparation pack for CEB’s SHL-style tests.

great preparation pack for CEB's SHL-style tests should first and foremost include up-to-date practice tests as well as study aids that give you the understanding and skill to improve your performance and excel at the actual test. In addition, it is important that the practice materials in the pack resemble both the general features of CEB SHL’s assessments and the unique features of the specific test you are about to take. 

1. Similarity to the general features of CEB's SHL-style tests

The majority of CEB SHL’s psychometric tests are computerised (either delivered online or at the recruiter’s office) and have strict time limits. Although it may seem unimportant, the similarity between the general features of the tests you practice and those of the actual test has a great impact on your performance. For instance, if you only practise paper and pen verbal tests (which allow you to mark and write on the text as you please), you may experience difficulties dealing with an online test (where no such marking and writing is possible). Thus, it is important to choose a practice pack that includes computerised tests, which can be taken under real time pressure.
  • All of JobTestPrep’s packs consist of online practice tests with time limits similar to those of CEB's SHL tests.

2. Similarity to the features of CEB's SHL-style specific tests

The nature of CEB SHL’s tests is different from that of other assessment companies. Thus, as a first step, you should make sure your tests are indeed administered by CEB's SHL. Don't compromise on a general aptitude tests preparation pack and look for a CEB/SHL-specific pack.

CEB's SHL tests are also quite varied in themselves, differing in their type (e.g. numerical, verbal, mechanical etc) and level (e.g. graduate, senior management etc). Therefore, it is important that you choose a pack which is appropriate to your job level and includes the relevant types of tests.

Only by choosing a CEB's SHL-specific pack which is also level-specific, will you be able to prepare for the real thing and avoid wasting your time on general and irrelevant practice tests.

3. Comprehensive preparation

The key for successfully passing CEB's SHL tests lies in the right combination between practising and learning. Practice does make perfect, thus it is important to choose a preparation pack that offers an extensive amount of practice tests. However, in order to improve your performance, it is also crucial that you will be able to learn from your mistakes and understand what to do next time. Therefore, a good practice pack must include detailed explanations to the practice questions as well as study aids.
  • JobTestPrep’s packs include an extensive amount of practice materials, reinforced by detailed explanations and solving tips and accompanied by smart score reports. Together with our collection of video tutorials and study guides, our packs offer you a comprehensive learning experience.

4. Updated

CEB's SHL is an assessment company that grows and develops at a rapid pace. As a result, it launches new tests every year and updates its existing tests from time to time. Therefore, it is important to choose a practice pack that is up-to-date with the latest changes in CEB's SHL assessments.
  • JobTestPrep’s development team puts a great deal of effort on constantly updating our preparation materials to reflect the latest trends seen in CEB's SHL tests. In addition, our practice materials are frequently reviewed by test writers in order to modify and expand them according to customers’ feedback.

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The importance of Preparing for Psychometric Tests

The importance of Preparing for Psychometric Tests

If you were looking for real evidence on why it is so important to prepare for the series of psychometric tests your employer will ask you take, here it is.

At JobTestPrep, we constantly emphasize how important it is to prepare for job related psychometric tests. There is not a single page on the website that does not touch upon that subject in this way or another. Just a few days ago, we discovered this interesting video, made by a&dc, a UK based Assessment Company that specializes in talent recruitment, demonstrating how they apply situational judgment tests and assessment centre exercises.

The image below, taken from the article, shows how the use of psychometric tests helps employers filter 975 candidates of every 1000 applying for the job. Yes, only 25 candidates will pass the employer's selection process, a common phenomenon in the corporate world. In addition, the SJT step alone can help sift a THIRD (33%) of the candidates!
How an SJT can help the process - a&dc
 *Image taken from a&dc's video. For the full movie click here


So, here we go again: if you want to secure your next job – come prepared. The preparation   will help you in many ways:
  1. Equip you with important insights on what the employer is looking for in terms of competencies, work conduct, job performance, etc.
  2. Improve your confidence and allow you not to shut off due to time constraints or environmental pressure.
  3. Increase the chances you pass the application process successfully.

How can we help you?

We are dedicated to developing tailored, job specific and assessment specific practice resources. We do that 24/7, with testing teams, intelligence, rigorous customer feedback and constant updates from the assessment industry.

* Taken from SHL website;