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EPSO Coaching for a kick-start to your EU career

If you are among the candidates who are looking for a challenging position in the international dynamic environment of the EU institutions, you will need to go through a number of steps once you have identified the position you want to apply for. You can review the open positions on the EPSO website (European Personnel Selection Service) where you will also find information on the application process.

The selection procedure for hiring the talent for these careers offering opportunities for development and extensive responsibilities, is however extremely competitive. Considering the level of professionalism expected in applicants in the war for talent, you may find the whole process quite overwhelming. Consisting of a number of competency-based tests and interviews, aptitude and psychometric tests, these put a lot of pressure on candidates. Consequently, the unfamiliar situation may cause applicants to perform below their potential. Without the proper coaching and preparation, they may respond differently in interview and test centre circumstances compared to how they normally would perform.

Self-confidence alone will not be enough to sweep through the tests with flying colours. That is where an experienced coach comes in. Especially one with inside information and expertise on how EPSO assessment centres operate. As a seasoned coach I help candidates prepare for the selection process and increase your chances of success via simulation exercises, preparation for the Assessment Centre day and improving your confidence about the oral presentation, structured interview, group exercise or the case study.

With thousands of candidates for only a few open positions, you as an applicant have to perform at your best in order to pass the selection process. With ciobootstrap you will have access to the most complete preparation through individual coaching that will provide you with the confidence and skills to succeed. Take advantage also of the fact that I can provide coaching both in English and French, a big advantage since you will have to choose two languages for the assessment centre testing. As a trained assessor and former President of EPSO selection boards, I know exactly what assessors look for in a candidate and how the selection process is done. Get in touch today if you are dreaming of a career as an EU official and can use some help preparing for the selection process.

Kenexa Verbal Test: Pack Improved and Updated

As part of JobTestPrep’s continuous efforts to offer the best psychometric test preparation, we are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved Kenexa Verbal Reasoning Practice pack.

Kenexa, now an IBM company, supplies tests to over half of the Fortune 500 companies operating in the finance, retail and pharmaceutical industries. Kenexa tests are very widespread, with a client list that includes Balfour Beatty, Deutsche Bank and Nomura, to name but a few.

Our preparation pack is specifically designed to provide you with the most up-to-date Kenexa-style practice.

The new pack includes:
  • 12 verbal reasoning tests simulating the real thing!
  • 2 video tutorials: "how to solve verbal reasoning tests" and "what is the true meaning of true/false/cannot say?"
  • Free! 4 Reading comprehension tests
Each test follows the Kenexa format, in which you are presented with a passage followed by four corresponding statements. Each statement must be evaluated according to the text, in order to assert whether the statement is true, false or whether you cannot say.

All tests are timed according to the Kenexa time constraints and contain detailed explanations.

Kenexa, IBM and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.