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Word Limits to Law Firm Application Forms [Part 8 of our Law Firm Application Guide]

Many application forms place word limits against the questions that they ask. These word limits can look tricky especially when you have a lot you want to write. This is deliberate, top law firms want to see that you can give over information clearly and concisely without the need to waffle. 

Going over the word limit because you "have one last great idea I must put in" will not win you marks, and besides many online forms will simply stop accepting new words when the limit has been reached.

Here we will look at some tips you can use:

  • Use simple language and simple words. These can actually take up less words than more uncommon or fancier words.
  • Plan your answer in advance, reread it and edit to ensure it says what you want it to say, most importantly within the word limit.
  • Don't repeat anything that has already, or could be better used, in the answer to a different question.