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How to Write a Law Cover Letter [Part 9 of our Law Firm Application Guide]

Writing Your Covering Letter on Your Law Firm Application Forms - JobTestPrep's Blog

Some firms ask for a covering letter as part of the application form. This can be word limited, but even if not, it is still important to keep the letter clear and concise. Much of the information they are looking for in a law covering letter could be included in other forms as an open ended question. Most law firms are looking for evidence that you have researched them to come through in this section.

The type of information required in a law firm cover letter includes:
  • Why you have chosen to work in this type of law?
  • Why you have chosen to work with the firm?
  • How your skills make you a good candidate.
  • Your other interests and skills, and how they improve your application.
Freshfields application form asks for an 800 word personal statement. Their guide, "The Perfect Application" tells you what to include or not include. For example, anything that can be found somewhere else on the form (even your name) should not appear in the personal statement.
In addition, Freshfields advise that you write simply and directly. Avoid cliches. Structure your statement, make it clear and easy to read. Pay attention to detail, including spelling and grammar. Keep your sentences short.

The law firm covering letter should include:
  • Why I want to be a lawyer?
  • Why I want to apply to Freshfields?
  • Examples of how past experience (positions of responsibility, challenges, past work experience) has given you the core skills they are looking for.
  • Any interests you have (outside law), any sporting or other achievements.
Baker & McKenzie advise that before you start writing your covering letter you should read up on the firm, list some of the key points you want to include in the covering letter, and make sure you include them. Remember to tailor your letter to the firm, and why you have chosen to apply to them.
JobTestPrep's website contains tips for you to use when writing a cover letter. See how these pages can help you write your letter here.

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