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Commercial Law Questions and Answers on Your Law Firm Application Form [Part 6 of our Law Firm Application Guide]

Answering Commercial/ Business Questions on Your Law Firm Application Form - JobTestPrep's Blog

Many commercial law firms will include questions on their application forms to test your commercial or legal thought processes. They are not looking for the finished article in these questions, but for the evidence that you have the potential to be a commercial lawyer with a top law firm.

Examples of current questions include:
  • BLP acts for clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Choose one of these industry sectors and highlight two key challenges that they are currently facing.
  • As a leading UK law firm, what do you think are the main challenges and opportunities that Burges Salmon will face over the next 5 years?
  • Tell us about a recent economic or business news article or story you have read or heard about. Please tell us your opinion on this and why it interested you. (Burges Salmon).

Herbert Smith Freehills define commercial awareness as “the ability to view situations from a commercial or business perspective.” Furthermore in order to use your commercial awareness, you need to think about all the key players and options in the case in order to come to your conclusions.

All law firms suggest that you can improve your commercial awareness before applying to law firms by reading newspapers, listening to the news, following up on the stories behind the headlines you have come across, and paying attention to the business world around you.

Equally important is researching the firm’s current or recent activities. If they are currently involved in a big case, it looks good if you can show you not only have been following the case, but you have also been thinking about the implications of the case on a range of stakeholders.

~ JobTestPrep Team ~