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SHL and CEB Tests – What's the Difference?

Since CEB acquired SHL in July 2012, not much has changed from the perspective of job candidates. Other than the new co-branded logo, SHL is still SHL, and the huge range of SHL assessments remain unchanged.

Here at JobTestPrep we have noticed that many of you are now searching for CEB tests, CEB-SHL tests or SHL tests. We are considering the best way to help you access the resources that you need ahead of your SHL tests. Here are some examples of popular and less popular (but awfully funny) search terms that brought people to our website lately.
ceb + shl test | ceb deductive reasoning test | ceb shl talent measurement average score numerical test | how to ace on ceb shl talent measurement | ceb numerical reasoning test which mine produce the greatest amount of electricity before it runs out of electricity (LOL)
The above examples reflect the acquisition's results; the emails that are sent to candidates to take online CEB-SHL tests have changed to include the co-branded name, and candidates turn to search engines to help them understand what this means.

Conclusion: Want to Practice CEB tests? Practice SHL-style tests

Apart from this name change, the assessment tests provided by SHL have not changed. JobTestPrep's SHL-style practice resources are still relevant for any candidate who is in search of CEB SHL tests. We expect that as you become more familiar with the concept of CEB-SHL-style tests, we will move towards renaming our own pages, so watch this space.

Good luck on your 2014 job application journey!

~ JobTestPrep Team ~