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How Do You Impress In An Interview?

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How do you impress an interviewer? This is a question everyone asks themselves. While we could give you many tips and pieces of advice ourselves, we thought it would be to ask prominent hiring managers from top firms to tell us what they like to see in an applicant.

“Research the company to determine fit, as well as the type of post-MBA role that best suits you. Consider internship opportunities at the company between your first and second year of business school. This is a key way to garner both work experience, exposure to the company, and, if successful, the possibility of a full-time offer.”
Scott Swayne, General Mills

“The biggest [mistake] is being unprepared. There’s a lot of competition out there and there’s a lot of people who can do the same jobs, so what is that differentiator for you? Being able to describe that uniqueness and creativity is what separates you from others.
Cindi Harper, Intel

“When our clients describe what it’s like to work with a team of A.T. Kearney Consultants, they tend to talk about the ‘people’ element. We want people who care about the work and the people they work with who show intellectual curiosity and the spirit to do well.”
Phil Morgan, A.T. Kearney

“Give us an insight into what excites you, and what your passions are. That stuff at the bottom of your resume: tell us about it, and what makes you unique.”
Russ Hagey, Bain & Company

“The biggest mistake that a candidate can make during an interview is not researching the position that they are interviewing for. At the interview stage, they should be asking specific questions about components of the program, not, “so tell me about the program.”
Chris Thomas, General Electric

“At Accenture, we look for people who can communicate effectively and work well on teams. For current MBA students, it’s important to hone in on the skills that will make you successful in your career.”
John Campagnino, Accenture

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About the author: David-Anthony Gordon is a journalist at BusinessBecause, a professional networking and news site for the business school world. It also includes helpful information such as MBA rankings and MBA jobs and has fresh daily content.

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