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How Do You Impress In An Interview?

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How do you impress an interviewer? This is a question everyone asks themselves. While we could give you many tips and pieces of advice ourselves, we thought it would be to ask prominent hiring managers from top firms to tell us what they like to see in an applicant.

“Research the company to determine fit, as well as the type of post-MBA role that best suits you. Consider internship opportunities at the company between your first and second year of business school. This is a key way to garner both work experience, exposure to the company, and, if successful, the possibility of a full-time offer.”
Scott Swayne, General Mills

“The biggest [mistake] is being unprepared. There’s a lot of competition out there and there’s a lot of people who can do the same jobs, so what is that differentiator for you? Being able to describe that uniqueness and creativity is what separates you from others.
Cindi Harper, Intel

“When our clients describe what it’s like to work with a team of A.T. Kearney Consultants, they tend to talk about the ‘people’ element. We want people who care about the work and the people they work with who show intellectual curiosity and the spirit to do well.”
Phil Morgan, A.T. Kearney

“Give us an insight into what excites you, and what your passions are. That stuff at the bottom of your resume: tell us about it, and what makes you unique.”
Russ Hagey, Bain & Company

“The biggest mistake that a candidate can make during an interview is not researching the position that they are interviewing for. At the interview stage, they should be asking specific questions about components of the program, not, “so tell me about the program.”
Chris Thomas, General Electric

“At Accenture, we look for people who can communicate effectively and work well on teams. For current MBA students, it’s important to hone in on the skills that will make you successful in your career.”
John Campagnino, Accenture

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About the author: David-Anthony Gordon is a journalist at BusinessBecause, a professional networking and news site for the business school world. It also includes helpful information such as MBA rankings and MBA jobs and has fresh daily content.

Talent Q Elements Practice Pack Launch

As part of JobTestPrep’s unique psychometric preparation services, we’re proud (yet again) to launch another groundbreaking practice service, following the patterns of Talent Q’s Elements assessment series.

Talent Q’s Elements series introduces some innovative assessment features which candidates need to prepare for. In addition to their adaptive testing technology - which does not affect candidates’ preparation methods dramatically, there are other features which require attention.

While in the past few years we got used to seeing mainly true/false/cannot say verbal reasoning assessments, the Elements series brings fresh and challenging question styles, which can be characterised by:

  • Multiple choice questions, with up to 6 distracters.
  • Individual time frames per question (75 for the first, 60 for the next in the set)
  • Longer text passages with up to 220 words.

Our practice pack currently includes 2 full-length verbal tests that follow Elements features. In addition, we have gathered the most relevant questions from our numerical reasoning database (over 1,000 practice questions) and created Talent-Q style numerical tests, with similar time frames per question.

Learn more about our talent Q practice tests

The Star Method Interview Example 1

The Star Method Interview Example 1 by JobTestPrepAs part of our STAR Method Explained Series, we bring you a sample response to a popular STAR Method style question.

Tell me about a time when you were in charge of a group.


At University I was in charge of a group assignment involving a fictitious company that we had to run. There were various steps and duties involved in this task from the marketing to the accounts as well as myriad things in between. We had to find a new office for relocation of the company. This involved a cost-benefit analysis as to where to move to vis-à-vis office space, rent, location as well as some other details such as travel time for our workers and the funding for this.

The exercises that we had to do for the task were not the main challenge though. As the project leader, it was my job to ensure that everyone had a task to do and that meant ensuring that everyone was up to speed on where everybody else was at. However, we had a problem in that one member of our team was unable to attend many meetings. This not only harmed him but also the rest of the group as we all needed to contribute and help each other in order to succeed.

As a group without this person, we had a meeting in which it was decided that I should have a quiet word with him to discuss his absence. It transpired that he was going through a very tough time in his personal life with a member of his family being seriously ill. He was overstrained and trying his best but his work was suffering.

I suggested that we take up this matter with the course lecturer as even though I felt that he should be allowed some dispensation regarding this assignment it wasn't my call to make. We managed to arrange this meeting at which time we explained the problem both with regards to his personal issues but also to our group work as a whole. This was because the workload was too great for a team of four being reduced to three.

The course lecturer decided that he would get a dispensation from this project that could be made up at a later date and that we as a group would get a week’s extension in order to complete the work. We managed to do this and due to the fact that through this crisis we had grown stronger as a group and were able to produce the required results on time. In fact, as a group we got a distinction on this piece of work.

As we can see from the above answer, this is a complete story with the added attraction of pulling the heartstrings of the interviewer. It is a showcase of team working skills, empathy, results orientation as well as the ability to build a rapport with the interviewer. For a first hand try and extra guidance take a look at our Skype interview package.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and look forward to serving you in the future. Good luck with your next application!

NEW Practice Pack for the Onetest Cognitive Ability Test by JobTestPrep

Onetest Cognitive Ability Test by JobTestPrep

Our experts have made it again! we've just aired a new practice pack that would guide you through the Onetest Cognitive Ability Test. 

Onetest is a big Australian company which provides aptitude tests to hundreds of employers worldwide, such as Australian Government, APRA, BMW, Pepsico and more! 

Onetest cognitive ability test is a complex multi-skill test which mixes numerical, verbal and non-verbal questions. JobTestPrep is proud to be the only place in the world that offers Onetest-style cognitive ability mock tests, clear and detailed explanations and hundreds of other related practice questions. 

Our experts are currently working on expanding the package by adding many more test materials. 

For more information on this new product go here >>

UKCAT course at CLSB delivered successfully – Another JTP success story

UKCAT Course at CLSB London by JobTestPrep

On July 2nd-3rd, we held a course at City of London School for Boys (CLSB). This workshop was held for 22 pupils of the school. It comprised of many different activities including 12 hours of practice and advice for all UKCAT sections, as well as the Situational Judgement Test.

Participants were of course given access to our online practice pack, so they were able to then review more questions at home. On Thursday 12th, another course was held at London's QE Boys. Pictures and testimonials are on their way :).

Throughout the UKCAT 2013 season JobTestPrep will be conducting live courses in the London area, you are more than welcome to register for a course at your convenience.

In addition to our live courses, we also provide UKCAT tuition services with our team of tutors. These can be administered via Skype.