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How To Get Into Oxbridge

How to get into Oxbridge? - JobTestPrep's BlogOxford and Cambridge or “Oxbridge” as they're known, are two of the most highly respected learning centers in the world. As a result, an overwhelming number of applications are sent in every day. There must be some filtration system, right? Correct!

Decide a course you wish to begin

Plenty of people who apply to Oxbridge have an agenda in mind, usually a career of some sorts.

But I'm sure you can imagine the dismay of a Cambridge recruiter opening an application form for a course in fast food preparation. So now is definitely a good time to decide what you want to make of yourself, if anything at all.

Luckily for you, the British Government tend to have a few options for you to not completely indebt yourself to the university to the sum of around £20,000 and you can spend your remaining money on something nice... maybe start paying back the loan! And choose wisely, some courses require an admissions test.

Decide where you will live during this part of your life

Obviously, an essential part of survival is shelter, the universities offer lots of lovely colleges with many options for you to decide which one you want to attend. Perhaps live on campus especially as travel is somewhat limited for overseas students. You could always live at home with your parents.

Submit a UCAS form by the 15th of october

Simple enough, get your form in, but not just that. You might be required to take an aptitude skills test, known as the Thinking Skills Assessment or TSA (TSA Cambridge or TSA Oxford). In some cases you will also be asked to complete an extra written task to make yourself seem brighter than the other boffins and might have to have certain qualifications (usually A’s at A-level and depending on your course, other skills required).

The Thinking Skills Assessment, the TSA

TSA Preparation Online - Admission Test - JobTestPrep's BlogHere at JTP we want to help you get into PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) studies. We offer in-house developed practise tests with scores, explanations and solving tips, something not found anywhere webwide. Created by our psychologists specialising in psychometric tests, these will give the perfect blend of preparation as well as feedback.
Find out the TSA format here at JTP, find hundreds of TSA example questions and explanations.

Decision time

The bearded wizards who run the show over at Oxford and Cambridge are a tough bunch to please. Very hard, deep thinkers with a knack for analyzing everything about you and deciding if you match the course you want to take. Pass this and the next bit is easy, the best education known to man!

Closing statements

We have a few more handy hints and tips explaining more about getting in here.
We also offer the only place you can find in depth TSA practice tests made by real psychologists. Just a thought :)

Find more on the TSA here >>

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