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UKCAT Tips - Techniques To Help You Read Quickly

UKCAT Tips - Techniques To Help You Read Quickly - JobTestPrep's Blog

If the above sentence took more than about half a second for you to read then you’d do well to keep reading! Literally!

A fundamental part of any aptitude test is reading, UKCAT in particular. With the time constraints placed on you for your tests you cannot absorb the information slowly. As such, as part of our series of UKCAT Practice Tips articles, today we will be discussing reading and how to speed yours up:
  • Look at and re-look at the format of the different tests you will be sitting. This will help you get a feel for the structure of the questions and you will be used to reading like this again and again until you finally sit the real test in which you will know exactly what key parts go where and how to deal with the information provided.
  • Take in more than 5 words. Make sure you look at as many words as possible, this will help you digest the words you've just read and be ready for the next set. This is actually very easy to do all it requires is a little confidence, which requires a little practice. Computer programs like [If we can make our own it would be better] can help you practice this.
  • Use the mouse pointer to track your position in the text.
  • Start reading a new book in your spare time alongside whatever else you may be reading and set yourself a goal to read 1 chapter per two hours (depending on the size of each chapter).
  • Talk about the material you will be reading! If you want to absorb something more discuss it. Our team would be happy to simply talk to you via twitter and Facebook so do not hesitate! We will help you.
  • Skim material first. Read it without taking much notice of it to get a feel for the general parts in which it stands out then read it all and you’ll skip parts that are not relevant to the actual article, without even noticing you’re doing it!

There is a lot of information here and some of it might NOT be relevant to you, so speed read and take the ones that you think are most helpful and then implement them.

We must stress here at JTP that talking with people about the UKCAT and the possible questions is the most helpful in our opinion and we advise no matter who you are - DO THIS! 

If you feel you need more than just reading skills we have some of the best tutors available who are in their desired universities and willing to show you how. They can teach you everything you need to know about the UKCAT and even tell you a little about life when you're in university. Find out more HERE.

Good Luck!

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~ JobTestPrep Team ~