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How to Dress for an Interview

Dress for success for your interview - JobTestPrep's Blog
Interviews are one of the most daunting processes you can experience. Whether it be a group or individual interview, it can be difficult to keep your nerves under control when all eyes are on you. With this in mind, it is important that you look your best as first impressions are everything.

What should I wear?

Dress smartly and comfortably. If you attend the interview in clothes that don't fit or are too casual, the interviewer will think you're not serious about the job role. As you enter the room, offer your hand to the assessor and shake firmly. This touch of confidence combined with your well-dressed appearance should create the impact needed to positively influence the employer’s initial thoughts about you.

Clothing for Men

  • Men should opt for a dark coloured matching 2-piece suit. Dark blue or grey suits are generally the preferred option as black can seem too sharp and severe. Slim-fit suits look good but generally, as long as your suit is well-pressed, square at the shoulders, long enough in the arm and leg length and not too loose or too tight you will present a solid prepared and smart image. You don't have to spend too much on a suit but if you have to wear it for work, it will be convenient to invest in one that fits correctly so you can use it for a few years.
  • Choose a long sleeved, light coloured shirt to match your suit. Make sure the colour you choose compliments well; white and light blue are the safest options. The collar should be buttoned at the top to help emphasise your professionalism.
  • To complete the look, wear a matching suit tie and ensure the tip reaches the belt buckle. Avoid loud colours, characters and patterns; this can give an informal appearance. A Windsor knot is the most traditional way to secure the tie so to save time, make sure you know how to fix one correctly before the day of your interview arrives.
Polished Shoes - Be ready for your interview! - JobTestPrep's Blog
  • Shoes should be polished and dark; socks and belt should match in colour. 
  • Keep accessories to a minimum and wear non-perfumed cologne. Any visible body piercings should be removed and tattoos covered. You don't want to distract the attention away from the main focus which is your suitability for the role!
  • For a more casual style interview, opt for chinos, shirt or polo with a jumper or cardigan. Stay away from jeans and trainers as they look too relaxed for the purpose of your meeting.

Clothing for Women

  • Avoid tight-fitting attire. Dark coloured trousers or a knee length skirt will help you look professional and smart. Alternatively, a plain suit dress will also be appropriate. With both combinations, make sure they are accompanied with a blazer that corresponds with the outfit. 
    Pale coloured blouse - Be prepared for success for interview - JobTestPrep's Blog
  • Stay sensible with a pale coloured blouse to match your suit trousers or skirt. Ensure that the neckline is not low; the employer may view you as unprofessional.
  • For footwear, stick to pumps or shoes with a low heel. Heels can help you with your posture and make you look smart and classy.
  • Keep jewellery and make-up to a minimum. Heavy make-up can make you look cheap and this isn't what you want to be remembered for.
  • For a business casual style interview, day dresses and maxi dresses are appropriate but combine them with a smart blazer to keep your outfit well-dressed and suitable for the interview.


Preparation is key so check your employer’s website to see if there are any clues to the company dress code and if in doubt, it’s better to go too smart than too casual. You will not be judged if you turn up too smart but they will be less than impressed if you turn up in a tracksuit and trainers. Most importantly remember to smile! It shows you are a confident, sociable person with a positive attitude towards working for their company.

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About the author: This is an article by India Cash, a music graduate from Leeds who works on behalf of ASOS who are retailers of suits, maxi-dresses and footwear.

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