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What career is right for me?

Experience the Tests Employers Use - Personality Test - JobTestPrep's BlogDo you ever think to yourself that you have the talent to make it to the top of your field – you just don’t know what that field may be? Do you think you could make it as almost anything- but you don’t know which thing to start with?

Do you ever think to yourself that you have the talent to make it to the top of your field – you just don’t know what that field may be? Do you think you could make it as almost anything- but you don’t know which thing to start with? In today’s ever more educated work-force, there are usually a range of appropriate jobs to suit the skills and interest of each job-seeker. Therefore, deciding ‘what career is right for me’ can be a difficult process. Even if you do land a suitable role, there is little chance you will stay in the same field for the rest of your working life. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics workers change their careers on average five to seven times in a lifetime (this varies according to industry). Moreover, The US (2008) Census Bureau found that the average job holder stayed with the same employer for just 4 years. Graduates, however, are likely to stay in a career for longer because their jobs are more likely to be related to their career goals (Miller, 1997). That said there is no harm in thoroughly exploring the subject and trying to find the most suitable career for both your skills and interests. From there, it is easier to decide if a given career or role is something that resonates with you and whether it is something you are willing to try. There are many ways you can go about deciding which career path to choose.  Of course, there is no exact formula that can tell you where you are most likely to achieve. Even if there were only you could know if it matched your ambitions and career-goals.

One of the ways to help one decide which career path is right for them is to take a personality test. There are hundreds of personality tests available; each one will differ in length and style.  In general, a personality test consists of different questions about your habits, behaviours and emotions. Questions are usually yes/no or are ranked on a 4-5 point scale. A personality test will give you an indication of how your traits compare to the traits of other people who have taken the same test. JobTestPrep offers a personality test which indicates where you are lacking/over-performing on particular traits according to the position being applied for. 

Although, in general, employers look for well-balanced individuals who do not show extreme scores for any trait, certain employers look for certain skills depending on the position for which they are hiring. Furthermore, recruiters look for specific traits at specific points in peoples careers. There are unlimited roles that this article could discuss but this article will explore what talent assessment companies look for in term of traits for three roles – Manager, Salesman and Administrator. This of course depends on the industry, but in general:


Managers are able to take a birds-eye view and see things on a larger, more long-term scale. Therefore, managers must possess strong planning and organising skills. They should also be someone who is capable of delegating tasks and responsibilities and who is very able to motivate others. They should also be good decision-makers who act on their own authority and don’t necessarily follow the example of others. Managers are high on creativity and are honest communicators. They are as willing as the next person to make unpopular decisions and are moderately tolerant of politics. Managers are not so cautious when it comes to making commitments and have less self-discipline than the average worker when it comes to efficiently managing time.

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Salespeople are curious about people and are very insightful when it comes to perceiving the buyer’s needs. They are courageous and able when it comes to making new contacts. Salesmen are optimistic and are good- negotiators who handle objections tactfully. Salesmen enjoy maintaining relationships with clients and do not hesitate when it comes to closing deals. They handle rejection as well as the next person and are no more competitive than anyone else if it means winning at all costs. 


Administrators must be very cooperative and diplomatic. They tend to conform to management objectives more than others. They are as able as the next person to deal with change. They are not so capable when it comes to following systems and have low patience when it comes to following detailed instructions.

When contemplating ‘what career is right for me?’ It is important to remember once you have decided on a career path or accepted a job offer that no career choice is final. However, choosing a career is a very important decision and taking a personality test such as the one on our site could make the decision easier and will make you more confident in your decision making process. Start exploring your career options with JobTestPrep’s Personality Test.

~ JobTestPrep Team ~